3rd Party Inspection Registration & Reporting (IROL)

The Hyannis Fire Department is committed to reaching full compliance with our fire code. All Service Providers who Inspect, Test, and Maintain (ITM) Fire Protection Systems, are required to submit, electronically, by your company through the Web-Based Reporting System, www.InspectionReportsOnline.net (IROL). All compliant and non-compliant system test reports should be submitted.

If you are performing fire system inspections, testing, or maintenance within the fire district of Hyannis MA, you must submit, on behalf of the property owner, the appropriate reports immediately using this method. If not submitted, the property may have future difficulties maintaining licenses, permits, etc. within the Town of Barnstable and Hyannis Fire District. Ultimately, this responsibility lies with the owner of the alarm, sprinkler, or fire safety system.