Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to get a smoke detector inspection and where do I place them?

According to Massachusetts State Law (Chap. 148 Sec 26F) all buildings or structures occupied in whole or in part for residential purposes upon the sale or transfer, shall be equipped by the seller with approved smoke detectors/ MGL Chap.148 sec. 26F. An operating smoke detector is required on every habitable level, including the basement. Finished attic spaces also need smoke detector coverage. In homes with floor space exceeding 1,200 square feet per floor, a second detector will be required.

How often should I check my smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector to see if they are working?

We recommend that you test your detectors on a monthly basis. You can do this with most detectors by pressing the test button for a few seconds. This is also a good time to discuss and review your home fire escape plan with those who live with you

What Type of Fire Extinguisher Should I Purchase For My Home?

A multi-purpose fire extinguisher is best for the home. Look for the rating to be at least 2A-10B C on the label. This extinguisher can be used on any type of fire commonly found in the home. It will often be labeled A-B-C. It is recommended that extinguishers be installed in the kitchen and in the garage.
Fire extinguishers are rated by what kinds of fire they are designed to extinguish. The Classes of fire are:

  • CLASS A: Ordinary combustibles such as wood, cloth, and paper.
  • CLASS B: Flammable liquids such as gasoline, oil, and oil-based paint.
  • CLASS C: Energized electrical equipment – including wiring, fuse boxes, circuit breakers, machinery, and appliances.
Why Do Firefighters Break Windows and Cut Holes in the Roof at a Fire?

When there is a fire, you may have seen firefighters breaking windows and cutting holes in the roof. The firefighters are performing ventilation. Ventilation allows smoke and superheated gas to escape from the building. This prevents two dangerous conditions known as flashover and backdraft from developing. Flashover and backdraft can potentially kill firefighters or other people still inside the building. Ventilation also decreases the temperature inside of the building and increases visibility so that firefighters can work more safely and effectively. While it may look like the firefighters are just breaking things, they are actually performing a critical task at a fire.

The Firefighters/EMS Personnel Treated Me But I Was Not Transported. Will I Be Charged?

Patients who receive care at the scene and are not transported to a hospital are not charged for these services

How Do I Have My Blood Pressure Checked?

All of our Firefighters/EMS personnel are qualified to perform blood pressure checks.  Stop by the department any day between 8 am – 6 pm.  All blood pressure checks are free

How Do I Arrange For a Tour of The Station?

Hyannis Fire Department welcomes visits from our citizens and school groups.  Folks looking to see the equipment and talk to a Firefighter may stop by and, if available, we would be happy to show you around, however please call the department ahead of time if possible.  Groups should call ahead to plan a tour at (508) 775-1300.

How Do I Make a Donation

Hyannis Fire Department appreciates all of the contributions you have and would like to make.  If you would like to submit a donation please send to the following address:

Hyannis Fire Department
Attn: Kelly Foley
95 High School Rd. Ext. Hyannis, MA 02601

If you have any questions please call (508) 775-1300 ext. 2.

How Do I File a Complaint?

Any concerns regarding our personnel, stations or equipment should be directed to:

Chief Peter Burke
Hyannis Fire Department
95 High School Rd. Ext.
Hyannis, MA 02601
Phone: (508) 775-1300

How to Thank Hyannis Fire Department

To let us know about outstanding service by one of our Fire Department members please contact:

Chief Peter Burke
Hyannis Fire Department
95 High School Rd. Ext.
Hyannis, MA 02601
Phone: (508) 775-1300

My CO Detector is going off, but I don’t see or smell anything. Should I call 911?

Yes – after assuring a safe evacuation! Carbon Monoxide is an odorless, tasteless, invisible gas. CO detectors are very sensitive and designed to alert occupants prior to CO reaching deadly levels. If your detectors go off, call 911 and evacuate the home.  The Fire Department has specialized equipment to detect and measure amounts of CO in your home.

Do personnel on the ambulance fight fires also?

Yes, the personnel who are assigned to the ambulance are also firefighters. All personnel at Hyannis Fire Department are cross-trained to fight fires as well as handle medical emergencies.

How much is my ambulance ride going to cost?

Emergency Medical Services are billed in accordance with government guidelines. Insurance plans including Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance and automobile policies will generally cover emergency medical treatment and emergency ambulance transportation. Insurance coverage and ability/inability to pay is never a concern to the Hyannis Fire Department. We are here to help you whenever needed.

Do I need smoke alarms?

Yes, smoke alarms are required in all residences.  With the proven value of smoke alarms in saving lives and protection property at such a low cost, it’s hard to imagine anyone not having and maintaining them.  You should replace the batteries every six months in your smoke detectors.

What level of emergency medical care does the Fire Department provide?

The Hyannis Fire Department is an Advanced Life Support (ALS) – or Paramedic – agency.  Multiple licensed Paramedics are on duty 24 hours a day as well as having certified Emergency Medical Technicians.

How many emergencies does the Fire Department respond to each year?

While the number varies, the Hyannis Fire Department responds to 6,000 to 7,000 calls a year. This works out to about 18 calls a day. During different times of the year (summer, winter break, etc.) this number will vary.

How do I report an emergency situation?

To report an emergency, dial 911 from your telephone.  When reporting an emergency, please provide as much information as you can and remain on the line until the dispatcher tells you that you can hang-up.

What is the fire department’s mailing address?

95 High School Rd. Ext. Hyannis, MA 02601

How do I get my street light repaired?

Call the station at 508-775-1300 ext. 3 and speak to the Chief’s Executive Secretary.  She will contact the repair company.  Please have the number of the pole available when you call.

How do I get a light added to my neighborhood?

You should submit a written request for a new street light to the Board of Commissioners who will review your request and make a determination of need.