The Hyannis Firefighters’ Memorial Park was an idea of the Hyannis Firefighters after the voters approved the new fire station. They wanted a meaningful way to thank the citizens of Hyannis. The citizens who were gracious enough to provide them with a safe, new fire station. The idea was to have off duty firefighters collect donations and ultimately build a memorial. They wanted to build a memorial for thewhole community. A memorial to remember the events of September 11th and to remember Hyannis’ own firefighters who made the ultimate sacrifice.

The Memorial was inspired by the New York Skyline and Stonehenge Monument. As you can see… The 2 identical upright granite pieces represent the Twin Towers. Standing 10 feet tall and 10 inches wide. The 2 pieces of granite were salvaged from a 140-year-old Woburn Library in Woburn, MA. Underground, the granite towers are supported by 40,000lbs of concrete and fastened with gigantic custom steel brackets. At ground level, the towers are surrounded by 12,000 brick pavers in a herring bone pattern and approximately 30 variable sized granite blocks. Together the granite towers and the ring of granite blocks are what represent the New York skyline.

The Memorial was inspired by the New York Skyline and Stonehenge Monument

Building of the Memorial

Some hidden highlights of the project are a section of brick wall from the old fire station that was salvaged and placed just behind the plaque stone in the beginning of the walkway. In between the 2 granite towers is a brick from the world trade center site, given to us by Sandwich FF Jim Murphy who worked at Ground Zero. Lastly, a large piece of steel, preserved from Ground Zero, is displayed within the center of the Memorial.

The Memorial offers a great setting to host a remembrance ceremony for the events of September 11th. And each year the Department intends to hold a ceremony for all to attend.

Completed Memorial

Three of Hyannis Fire Department’s line of duty deaths are memorialized within the granite ring, each represented on bronze plaques. Each year, on the anniversary of their deaths, The Hyannis Fire Department recognizes their sacrifice with a wreath and a brief ceremony.

This project was a massive undertaking, it took over 3 years to plan and the whole summer of 2019 to build. If a project this size was to be built without the help of the community and firefighters, it would easily have cost $150,000. Thank you to everyone who donated or helped out with the project. Please feel free to come by and visit the Memorial, either day or night.